Saturday, 14 February, 2009

winning and Crisis....

World is under economic crisis, it is natural to feel anxious in this economy, especially this young generation, addicted to lavish spending and never ever expected this crisis so nobody is prepared for this, few months back I was dreaming of flying to other country on some assignment but now I am scared of being laid off and thinking how to stay here in Bangalore without packing my luggage to Kottur. Youngsters who are working in Software and finance institutions are worrying not only being unemployed, but also it can down the curtain of love and respect what they enjoyed all these days. Now the relevant question is… do we need to keep on winning to get the Love and respect from someone? how many will show the same love and respect what they showered all these days irrespective of winning and loosing? I don’t know the answers…but if people started thinking winning is everything than they can take wrong path to get into that.
For some, winning is everything. For some everything is winning, even loosing is winning. In this world success has many friends; failure is a bastard. This is most important time for an individual to pause for some time so that he can soar higher. Anyone who loves truly will love for whatever we are but that count will be less and will come into picture when you failed, greatness is not in never falling but rising in every time you fall.
Respect is another illusion, why do we need respect? Yes, everyone wants to be felt great, pampered!!! Doing what you want and being content is extreme happiness.
My friend advice to me is if something gets worse, let’s face the monster. Once defeated, we will be proud of those moments, instead of running away from fear.
- Jagadeesh (Summary of my discussion with my friend Ghouse)


  1. che..che.... entha deep thoughts....

  2. Very true. First we have to come out the false impression that only a few careers are respectable. There are lots of jobs that may not be high paying like software, but offer far more satisfaction. Only when we follow the path in which we feel we have a passion, we can excel, and need not fear the downturns. Blindly joining an IT industry just b'cos everyone else is joining will lead to such situations. Good article.